Veristat is Attending the SCDM 2015 Annual Conference




Veristat-MeetingVeristat is looking forward to the SCDM 2015 Annual Conference, which is themed The Future of Clinical Data Management.   

The conference will be covering many topics that Veristat is well-versed in such as:

  • Preparing Data for FDA Submission
  • Advances in Clinical Trial Data Analytics
  • Surviving a Changing Industry
  • Partnerships, Collaborations, Alliances: Getting the Right Data, the Right Format at the Right Time
  • And more…

Veristat can offer you guidance in EDC software selection, development and validation of your clinical database, and data conversions to SDTM standards. Our data management teams are known to surpass aggressive database build and database lock timelines and to deliver high quality data in submission-ready formats. 

Veristat hopes to see you at SCDM 2015.  Email us today to schedule a meeting with one of our experts attending the show.  


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