Talk with Veristat’s Experts at the CDISC Interchange

Talk with Veristat’s Experts at the CDISC Interchange

CDISC INterchange 2015

Visit Veristat at Booth #30

Join Veristat at the 2015 CDISC International Interchange conference which carries this year’s theme:

 “Smarter Research to Unlock Cures”  

The conference will cover many topics that Veristat is well-versed in, including:

  • The Work We Do Saves Lives, But We Must Do More
  • The Analysis Data Model (ADaM) and Study Data Tabulation Model (SDTM)
  • A CRO’s Journey to Innovation through CDISC Standards
  • CRF to SDTM: A Practical CDISC Implementation

Stop by our booth #30 to speak with our data managers, data standards programmers, biostatisticians and statistical programmers about your CDISC needs.

Schedule a Meeting

Meet with Veristat at CDISC. Even if you are not attending, reach out today to schedule a meeting.


Why Choose Veristat for your CDISC Standardization Needs?

Veristat can help you:

  • Covert raw data from clinical trials to CDISC compliant SDTM datasets
  • Develop ADaM datasets in addition to integrated analyses of safety and efficacy
  • Design CDASH compliant forms & databases for streamlined data management and reporting

Veristat has never had a submission rejected by the FDA for lack of standardized structure compliance.


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