Veristat Overview

Veristat is a privately owned, full-service clinical research organization (CRO) founded in 1994 by John Balser, PhD, and Barbara Balser, VMD. Located in the greater Boston area, Veristat offers expert CRO services including data management, biostatistics, statistical programming, CDISC implementations, medical writing, clinical monitoring, project management, regulatory submissions and strategic consulting. Our clients, ranging from the smallest biotech startups to the largest global life sciences companies, are engaged in the development of new pharmaceutical and biological products, vaccines, medical devices and diagnostic agents. Over the past two decades our steady growth has been fueled by a remarkable number of industry referrals from our satisfied clients, as well as repeat business from the numerous clients with whom we have fostered long-term collaborative relationships.

Why our workforce is extraordinary:

  • Intelligence, Ingenuity, Inspiration, Imagination. There is no “I” in “team,” but these four “I” words identify four very important traits that every member of the Veristat team possesses and practices.
  • Collaboration, Cooperation, Camaraderie, Candor. Our employees genuinely embrace and enjoy open, honest communication and teamwork, understanding that pooling our individual skills, talents and insights leads to exceptional results for everyone.
  • Passion, Pride, Perseverance, Perfection. Though perfection is often an impossible goal, at Veristat the pursuit of perfection drives us. We like to hire self-motivated people with lofty personal and professional standards, who have an enthusiasm for challenges and a thirst for excellence!

Why our workplace is extraordinary:

  • Stimulating, Supporting, Satisfying. One of our core beliefs is that each individual at Veristat makes an equally invaluable contribution to our success as a company. All employee ideas, concerns and goals are highly valued in our culture of open, constructive, two-way communication. We continuously strive to ensure that every employee has the tools, resources, challenges, opportunities, support and feedback needed to further his or her knowledge and skills; to expand and enhance his or her role with the company; and ultimately to have a truly satisfying career.
  • Mentoring, Guiding, Empowering. Whether it’s a manager closely mentoring a new employee, or a senior level executive nurturing and guiding the professional development of an experienced employee, or simply one colleague educating another on a particular matter, ongoing formal and informal mentoring, training and education are ingrained activities throughout all levels of our company. Our mission is to empower every employee to reach his or her full professional potential
  • Diverse, Respectful, Safe. Our modern, clean, well-equipped office is a comfortable and safe place to work. We are privileged to enjoy a natural culture of inclusion that allows our terrifically diverse workforce to thrive in an atmosphere that is respectful, positive, friendly and exciting.

Veristat offers competitive compensation and an outstanding benefits package. If you’re interested in joining our dynamic team of CRO professionals, please browse our current career opportunities below.

What sets Veristat apart from other CROs

Veristat was founded upon the belief that clinical research is fundamentally a scientific endeavor, and that the basic tenets of science must be followed to ethically and validly design, conduct, manage, analyze and report the results of clinical studies. We take pride in science; and our employees’ commitment to this idea is a key reason why we have successfully completed many hundreds of clinical studies and have had so many successful and long-lasting client relationships. Unlike many CROs, we remain a relatively small company by design, and our sensibly controlled size—not too big, not too small—offers many advantages to our clients:

  • We have the unique ability to become integrated into our clients’ internal teams, almost as though we were part of the client company. This is something that most CROs cannot do, because of the bureaucracy that inevitably accompanies larger size. Our ideal size enables our principal staff to work closely with our clients on an individualized basis and allows flexibility to quickly adjust to their changing needs. At the same time, we maintain the resources, capacity and expertise to handle even the largest, most complex clinical studies.
  • We can make rapid, flexible business decisions in response to our clients’ ever-changing short-term needs and circumstances, quickly adapting our processes, to address both internal organizational needs and changes in the rapidly evolving arena of clinical research.
  • Our incomparable senior management team, comprised of clinical research professionals averaging nearly 25 years of industry experience, remains closely informed on the status of each of our clinical research projects, and becomes closely involved with the delivery of services as needed.
  • Our naturally collaborative, frank and transparent style swiftly establishes trust, honest communication and cooperation between the Veristat and client project teams, helping to ensure streamlined projects that deliver timely, accurate and efficient results.

Our Values

In order to accomplish our goals, Veristat’s professional staff members are dedicated to building and maintaining interactive, productive relationships within the company and with our clients. Our values include the following:

  • Teamwork. We are all in this together, and we need to help one another whenever and however we can.
  • Attentiveness. We listen, to each other and to our clients, to find out the facts of an issue before reaching a conclusion.
  • Creativity. We learn from everything we do, from both the successes and the mistakes, and we think constantly about how to provide our clients with smarter, faster, more efficient services.
  • Flexibility. We will always go out of our way, go the extra mile, to help our clients and each other.
  • Thoughtfulness. We think about issues from a perspective of experience, with a global outlook.

Our Mission Statement

Veristat’s mission is to assist our Clients in the development of innovative therapeutic, medical device, and diagnostic products that sustain and improve life, by providing clinical research services in an efficient and cost-effective manner, using scientific principles and state-of-the-art technology.


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