Veristat participates in the Boston edition of the worldwide 39th J.P. Morgan Corporate Challenge® Series

By Robin Brodrick

Team Veristat JPMCC 2015 (2)

On June 11th, 2015, a group of phenomenal Veristat employees joined the 9,000 entrants from over 520 companies on the 3.5 mile team-based Boston road race to help promote academic success in the New England Region.

Charitable giving is an important cultural value at Veristat and is a notable component of the J.P. Morgan Corporate Challenge® Series. This year, J.P. Morgan is making a locally-designated donation to The Catholic School Foundation, which “changes lives by providing families with demonstrated financial need an opportunity to give their sons and daughters a quality education.”

Veristat’s Financial Manager had planned to run the race dressed as the Veristat Owl, but the 88˚ temperatures made that plan hazardous. Being a good sport, he was kind enough to wear the costume for some of the photos!

Veristat-JPMCC-2015 IMG_3636 IMG_3634 IMG_3631


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